Definitions for "Joys"
Keywords:  saturn, jupiter, mars, venus, mercury
Places in the zodiac where planets, being harmoniously located, have the most beneficial effect. According to William Lilly, the joys of the planets are: Saturn: joy in Libra Jupiter: joy in Sagittarius Mars: joy in Scorpio Sun: joy in Leo Venus: joy in Taurus Mercury: joy in Virgo Moon: joy in Cancer Lilly proposed certain Houses as joys for the planets too. For example Saturn joys in the First House, because "he is the first among the planets" (according to the ="glossc.html"Chaldean Order). Hellenic Astrology featured a different, House-based system, now recognised due to recent translations of ancient works. Rarely used in modern astrology. Judicial Astrology - Relates to the forecasting of principal events which will befall a country and public conditions which will prevail.
This word was used two ways, which can lead to some confusion. One use was as a synonym for "exaltation." The second was an indicator of which house would be the top choice for a given planet. The joys by house are: Mercury = 1st House, Moon = 3rd House, Venus = 5th House, Mars = 6th House, Sun = 9th House, Jupiter = 11th House, and Saturn = 12th House.