Definitions for "jovial"
Keywords:  mirth, jolly, merry, merriment, jollity
Gay; merry; joyous; jolly; mirth-inspiring; hilarious; characterized by mirth or jollity; as, a jovial youth; a jovial company; a jovial poem.
full of or showing high-spirited merriment; "when hearts were young and gay"; "a poet could not but be gay, in such a jocund company"- Wordsworth; "the jolly crowd at the reunion"; "jolly old Saint Nick"; "a jovial old gentleman"; "have a merry Christmas"; "peals of merry laughter"; "a mirthful laugh"
Keywords:  serene, sunny
Sunny; serene.
One of the seven primary body types. Its positive pole is grand; its negative pole is extravagant. Jovial types tend to be full-bodied, maternal, and extroverted.
JOVIAL is a high-order computer programming language similar to ALGOL, but specialized for the development of embedded systems.
Keywords:  jupiter, pertaining, planet, god
Of or pertaining to the god, or the planet, Jupiter.