Definitions for "Job Shop"
A manufacturing facility that groups similar equipment into departments or areas. Production orders are moved to successive departments as required to complete all routing operation steps, as opposed to grouping all production equipment required for a product or line in one area.
a one-stop-shop, available exclusively to Members of the Association wishing to look for a job or place vacancies FREE of charge
a service business first, and a manufacturing company second
Advertises part-time, term-time and vacation work available to students. It also offers information on working hours, minimum wage, tax and insurance.
a student-operated office whose main purpose is to help students secure on- or off-campus employment. lender: your local bank, savings and loan, credit union, or other financial institution participating in the Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students programs.
JobShop is a Romanian job fair for students and new graduates held every spring.
an eclectic collection of machines of different process capabilities
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Commercial printing company.