Definitions for "Job satisfaction"
Personal satisfaction relative to the work situation.
The extent to which employees are content with the work they do and the conditions which they work under.
the feelings or ‘affective response' someone experiences in a job role. Some researchers argue that it is possible to capture the level of job satisfaction with one question. Others suggest we can have strong negative feelings about one aspect of our job (e.g. pay) but feel positive about other facets of it (e.g. colleagues). In addition, researchers have developed sophisticated models of the key components of our ‘affective response' to work which map the nature and intensity of feelings. Job satisfaction has been treated as both a cause and effect of other organizational variables such as ‘burnout' and ‘work performance'.
Is the general attitude of an individual toward their job.
A person's general attitude towards their job.
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A positive emotional state resulting from evaluating one's job experiences.