Definitions for "Java Applet"
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A Java Applet is a small Java program that adds an interactive feature to a web page.
A small program that runs in a restricted environment that is managed by your browser. Most Java applets are used to add multimedia effects, interactivity, or other functionality to a web page, but they can be used for malicious purposes.
A small application written in the Java programming language that can be run using your web browser.
a little application, but complete, and standalone, while a GApplet is neither complete nor standalone
a mini-application (that is how it gets its name) which allows for the execution of a particular effect inside an HTML document
an application which is written in
a neat and increasingly popular alternative to a plugin viewer
a platform independent object that can be used as an aid to traditional classroom presentation, or it can be accessed via an arbitrary WWW interface for review or for distance learning from anywhere in the world
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an ideal place for a shopping cart
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