Definitions for "ISAC"
Illinois Student Assistance Commission. The agency which administers the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP). (
Illinois Student Assistance Commission AP Monetary Award Program Grants
Illinois Student Assistance Commission. A guarantor of federal loans in Illinois.
Independent Selection Advisory Committee
an independent three member committee that makes merit-based recommendations to an Agency Head about the suitability of candidates
Interferometry Science Advisory Committee
an operational mechanism to enable members to share information about vulnerabilities, threats, and incidents (cyber and physical)
an organization whose members are infrastructure operator companies in a CI sector, who are willing to share information about possible attacks, or sector-specific vulnerabilities for which countermeasures are available
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A Siemens chip which is, similar to HSCX, on many passive cards. It is responsible for Level 1, so it sits (almost) directly on the line. It handles the D channel protocol and sends the S0 data to a special serial bus (IOM). When sending it does the opposite.
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Iowa State Association of Counties