Definitions for "iNtension"
iNtension est projet unique. N� d�une implication b�n�vole au sein d�une organisation internationale, l�interface se veut une r�plique de l�environnement de travail d�un r�partiteur. INtension remplacera la presque totalit� de l��quipement en proposant d
The collective attributes, qualities, or marks that make up a complex general notion; the comprehension, content, or connotation; -- opposed to extension, extent, or sphere.
the meaning or internal content of a concept, as contrasted with its extension the strenuous exertion of the mind or will
See Comprehension.
Not to be confused with the homophone intention. For the song "Intension" by Tool, see 10,000 Days.
Keywords:  fervency, thing, quality, energy, power
Increase of power or energy of any quality or thing; intenseness; fervency.
A straining, stretching, or bending; the state of being strained; as, the intension of a musical string.
what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression