Definitions for "Insured Value"
The total dollar amount of coverage calculated by multiplying the number of livestock insured on an SCE by the target weight, by the Coverage Price, and by the insured share.
The amount in U.S. dollars for which a package is protected against loss or damage. UPS automatically protects each domestic and international shipment against loss or damage up to a value of US$100 (or the equivalent in local currency). Shippers may purchase additional insurance for amounts in excess of US$100 by showing a value in excess of $100 in the insured value field of the UPS source document or the UPS shipping system used. The applicability of this term, or the availability of the referenced service, may vary according to the country of origin and country of destination.
This is the amount of money that a client will insure their vehicle for.
The value of property as expressed in a policy of insurance.
An agreed-upon value the insurance company will pay the beneficiary if the equipment is destroyed while on lease.
Value at which leased or other property is insured against a casualty loss. In a tax-exempt transaction, this value is often required in the document to be the replacement value of the equipment or the sum designated as the stipulated purchase option price of the equipment. Such a sum is usually calculated on the outstanding amount owed by the borrower/lessee/sublessee to the lender/lessor under the lease and may include a premium for prepayment.