Definitions for "Inspire"
To breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate.
To infuse by breathing, or as if by breathing.
To draw in by the operation of breathing; to inhale; -- opposed to expire.
Keywords:  cheered, shouts, strikers, crowd, urge
urge on or encourage especially by shouts; "The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers"
A group of databases, mostly provided by a vendor, EBSCOHost, that is provided through state funding.
Indiana Spectrum of Information Resources; A group of databases, mostly provided by vendors, which are provided through state funding to residents of the state of Indiana.
serve as the inciting cause of; "She prompted me to call my relatives"
supply the inspiration for; "The article about the artist inspired the exhibition of his recent work"
Keywords:  motivate, quality, people, own, work
To motivate people by the quality of your own work.