Definitions for "INSCRIPTIONS"
Once the IMPRESSIONS of a PRINT have left the PRESS they may still be subject to variation. The artist may decide to sign them or mark them with one of a number of INSCRIPTIONS. This term refers to any writing on a print or its margin that is not a signature. The following are the most commonly used: A.P. stands for ARTIST'S PROOF. H.C.P. stands for HAND COLOURED PRINT. H.T.P. - HAND TINTED PRINT. S/N - SIGNED AND NUMBERED PRINTS. REMARQUE.
inscribe: to write, engrave, or print characters upon; inscription: something that is inscribed
VERY IMPORTANT! Writing in the book, particularly on the end papers, or front flyleaf, which is totally unconnected with the author or any other famous person. It usually is the name or a note written by the book's previous owner, and may be considered a detriment when describing a book's condition.
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