Definitions for "Inking"
Refers to apply ink using a technique of smearing or smudging ink onto paper.
The technique of using inkpads to smear, age, stain, or smudge scrapbook pages.
Ink is applied by squeegee, immersion or roller. Letterpress and offset presses are inked with rollers. In the gravure process, cylinders are immersed in a formation of ink. Stencil printing usually employs a squeegee. Then there is the electrostatic principal employed in xerography, a form of impactless printing.
The process of applying ink to the relief areas of a woodblock, the incised parts of an intaglio plate, the grease markings on a litho stone, or the scraper method in silkscreen.
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Using an ink pad (like Tim Holtz Distress inks by Ranger) on the edges of your photos and paper to give them dimension and a distressed look.
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Inking is simply washing with ink, as opposed to washing with paint.
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tracing a drawing on a cell
The electronic filling of regions on a display.
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Supplying or covering with ink.