Definitions for "Ingest"
Keywords:  metadata, ctv, srb, loaded, digital
The process by which a digital object or metadata package is absorbed by a different system than the one that produced it.
(CTV) see digitize, capture. The process of loading tape into a computer.
An ingested object becomes part of the current collection. It is physically copied into SRB space and stored in a resource or container chosen by the user. The user can also associate metadata with the file during the ingestion process.
Keywords:  jest, alimentary, tribe, take, chicken
To take into, or as into, the stomach or alimentary canal.
To take into the body by any means, as by inhalation, injection, absorption, as well as through the mouth.
to take in, to swallow for the purpose of digestion.
Keywords:  archive, sips, storage, prepare, accept
This entity provides the services and functions to accept Submission Information Packages (SIPs) from Producers (or from internal elements under Administration control) and prepare the contents for storage and management within the archive.
accepts information objects from producers and prepare information objects for storage and management within the archive