Definitions for "In camera"
A hearing held in judge's chambers or in a court with all spectators excluded; from the Latin for "in chamber."
A hearing which is held before the judge in private chambers or where the public is excluded from the courtroom.
(lat.) in chambers
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For the album by Peter Hammill, see In Camera (album).
In Camera was a musical project of Andrew Gray, who later formed The Wolfgang Press. In addition to Gray on guitar and keyboards, and David Steiner, who would go on to sing and drum for The Wolfgang Press, on vocals and additional keyboards, the band also included Jeff Wilmott (drums and piano), and Peter Moore (bass guitar).
In Camera was the fourth solo album from the English singer-songwriter Peter Hammill. It was released in 1974. Much of the material was recorded in Hammill's home studio on simple four-track equipment.
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In Propia Persona