Definitions for "Immortals"
Keywords:  taoism, taoists, elixirs, caverns, tao
(n, pl) in Taoism, individuals who have achieved eternal life through perfect realization of the Tao. One may become immortal through meditation or Inner Visualization, physical training and breathing techniques, the ingestion of elixirs, or moral behavior. Taoists believe that immortals dwell in the heavens, in caverns, on mountains, and in other magical paradises.
Keywords:  ichor, loa, forever, gods, deities
The highest beings. They have special powers and are immortal, which means they live forever. Gods and goddesses are all immortals. They are also called Deities. They could be wounded, but their blood was ichor, a colorless liquid.
are a type of being intermediate in power between mortals and gods. Loa Local Spirit