Definitions for "IDP"
See Internetwork Datagram Protocol (IDP).
Internetwork Datagram Protocol. Part of the Xerox Network System (XNS) developed at Xerox PARC. Used as the basis for the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX).
Internet Datagram Protocol. A simple, unreliable datagram protocol, which is used to support the SOCK_DGRAM abstraction for the Internet Protocol family.
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Initial domain part³õÊ1/4
initial-delay position
initial domain part. The part of a CLNS address that contains an authority and format identifier and a domain identifier.
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An abbreviation of Individual Defensive Player. The incorporation of IDPs into fantasy leagues is an alternative to using team defense in determining outcomes and adds the additional strategy of earning points for the performances of individual players.
Short for Individual Defensive Players. An alternate to the team defense (see definition) concept, fantasy teams draft and earn points for individual defensive players.
Rather than a team defense approach, some leagues decide to have starters for defensive linemen (DL), linebackers (LB) and defensive backs (DB). The number of starters and scoring systems for these positions varies widely.
INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT. This is required in many countries in addition to your driverâ€(tm)s license. It is intended to be used while you are waiting to receive your new countryâ€(tm)s driverâ€(tm)s license. You can obtain an IDP at your local DMV from your country of origin.
Internally Displaced Persons.
International Development Program
Intrusion Detection & Protection
J«I°»´ú»P¹w¨3/4¡]Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Interac Direct Payment also known as Point-of-Sale (POS)
(Inverse Distance to a Power) - IDP is a method of point estimation which weights surrounding data points according to their Inverse Distance (from the point to the data point) to a user-specified Power. A power of 1.0 represents a linear interpolation, whereas a higher power approaches a polygonal estimation.
Integrated Development Plan
Integrated Data Protection
automatic data processing in which data acquisition and other stages or processing are integrated into a coherent system
Information Disclosure Procedure - IDP strikes a balance between masking information to protect confidentiality and revealing it to promote efficient forward pricing and self policing of TPG.
interplanetary dust particle.
Military acronym for Intercept Deployment Plan.
Acronym for Identity Provider. See also Identity Provider.
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Index of donor proliferation
Individual Development Plan
20/20 Insight GOLD's unique individual development planning software.
Internet Death Penalty. A situation where all traffic from a site is blocked at the packet level, essentially shutting that site off from the rest of the internet.
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Illegal Discharge Program
Independent Distribution Partnership
Scale: Interaction with Disabled Persons Scale