Definitions for "icehouse"
Icehouse is an Australian band, originally billed as Flowers, best known in Australia in the late 1970s Sydney pub scene and later in the early to mid 80s for more mainstream success and radio airplay.
Icehouse was the first album released by Australian band Icehouse, then billed as Flowers, in 1980. Containing the hits "Walls", "Can't Help Myself" and "We Can Get Together", the album made heavy use of synthesizers, which would continue to be used throughout the band's career.
Icehouse is a turnless abstract strategy game invented by Andrew Looney and John Cooper. It was the first of many games played with Icehouse pieces.
The word a player speaks when he believes another player is below his stash limit and has no un-iced defensive pieces.
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a building used for storing ice, especially one built partly below ground and insulated so as to preserve ice obtained during the winter from frozen lakes or rivers.
a house for storing ice