Definitions for "Hysterectomy"
A surgical procedure to remove part or all of a woman's reproductive system.
surgery to remove the uterus. This is performed primarily for benign conditions and in perimenopausal women whose average age is 45-47. Although fibroids are commonly present, the surgery is most often performed because of inadequately treated menorrhagia or heavy menstrual flow. Hysterectomy is indicated for endometrial cancer and invasive cervical cancer. The ovaries may or may not be removed ( ovariectomy), but evidence suggests that even if they remain, ovarian function decreases. Women who have had hysterectomy appear to be at lower risk for breast cancer perhaps because of lower ovarian testosterone production.
An operation to remove the uterus, and in some cases the ovaries.
a definitive cure for adenomyosis, but there are other measures that can be taken before undergoing a hyst
a guaranteed cure for fibroids, but should not be considered as the first course of action
a major but common operation (approx
a major decision that you should take after careful consultation with your doctor
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a procedure that rarely needs to be
a VERY invasive procedure
an option, and is preferred for women who no longer wish to have children