Definitions for "hyperinflation"
A period of rapid inflation that leaves a countrys currency virtually worthless.
an unusually rapid rate of monetary inflation, as when prices rise more than 100 per cent per year.
A very high rate of inflation.
Hyperinflation is when excess air becomes trapped in the lungs. Static (or chronic) hyperinflation occurs at rest when there is an increase in the volume of residual air in the lungs (ie. air remaining in the lungs when the patient has fully exhaled). Dynamic hyperinflation occurs during exercise or physical activity, when the length of time a patient breathes out (expiration) is insufficient to allow the lungs to fully deflate before the patient breathes in (inspiration). Hyperinflation leads to breathlessness which can restrict a patient's ability to perform normal daily activities and severely impact quality of life.
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Hell or high water contract Hot money
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A term used to describe a rise in the price of goods and/or services of 100% or more in one year.