Definitions for "Hold Down"
A mechanical clamp for securing a motor to a test stand or to secure an entire vehicle to a launch pad and may be remotely released.
A type of pipe anchor consisting of a U-strap bolted at either end onto a horizontal plate.
(1) A clamp used on rod line posts to keep the rod from moving in any direction but back and forth.(2) Hydraulic: A device used for anchoring and packing-off a pump in wells when a pump seating nipple has not been provided.(3) Insert Pump: Mechanical arrangement installed with the pump to prevent upward movement.
A hinged or removable assembly that secures the boring machine to the track.
A method of fastening sheet copper that involves the use of a brass screw with a large copper or brass washer. The screw is tightened sufficiently to keep the metal flat, but not restrict its lateral movement. The entire assembly is usually covered with a copper cap, fully soldered to provide watertightness.
keep; "She manages to hold down two jobs"
restrain; "please hold down the noise so that the neighbors can sleep"
to pin an opponent. (To achieve a hold down, control must be gained of at least one arm, and at least one shoulder must be in contact with the mat.)
Timer used by distance-vector protocols to prevent the propagation of incorrect routing knowledge to other routers in the network.
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An object used to secure a workpiece.
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Directive to key transmitter for DF steer.
a steel device in structural engineering