Definitions for "HMS Revenge"
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Sixteen warships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Revenge.
HMS Revenge was the name ship of the Revenge class of battleships of the Royal Navy, the ninth to bear the name. She was launched during World War I in 1915. Though the class is often referred to as the Royal Sovereign class, official documents of 1914–1918 refer to the class as the Revenge class.
HMS Revenge, built at a cost of £4,000 at the Royal Dockyard of Deptford in 1577 by Mathew Baker, Master Shipwright, was to usher in a new style of ship building that would revolutionize naval warfare for the next three hundred years. A comparatively small vessel, weighing about 500 tons, being about half the size of the Henri Grâce à Dieu, the Revenge was rated as a galleon. She carried 46 guns ranged along both sides of a single gun deck.