Definitions for "Hidden Text"
The technique of concealing text from view on a web page by making it tiny or use the same color as the background of the document. Many search engines will not list websites containing hidden text. Hit
Text on a website which cannot be seen by the viewer because it is the same color as the background. Webmasters sometimes use this technique to suffuse their websites with keywords that they want the search engine robots to find without cluttering up the way the page looks to the viewer. When the search engine moderators discover this subterfuge, they will penalize or ban the site with hidden text.
When text on a web page is visible to search engine spiders but not visible to the searcher it is called hidden text. Text may be hidden by using the same color as the background, by using multiple TITLE tags or as a HTML comment. Many search engines consider this spamdexing and can detect it, so hidden text is not recommended. Search engines will either remove these pages from their database or lower where they are positioned. Hit The loading of an image or HTML page is referred to as a hit. It could take 25 hits to load one page if there were 24 images plus the HTML page. We do not use hits to determine visitor counts.