Definitions for "hep"
Habitat Evaluation Procedure
Habitat Evaluation Procedures (USFWS)
A call used by drill instructors to count cadence during marching; used identically to hut and hup.
A higher education provider.
See Higher Education Provider.
Higher Education Provider. The term Higher Education Provider refers to Universities and other higher education institutions such as ACAP. Only those institutions recognised as HEPs can offer students FEE-HELP.
A portal that serves a broad population of users across an enterprise — unlike a vertical enterprise portal (VEP), which serves only a specific segment of this population. See portal and VEP.
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to aid or benefit. "Ah can't hep it if Ah'm still in love with you."
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See Hip, the fruit of the dog-rose.
Same as Hip, a., but older and now less frequently used.
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See Head End Power.
Hydro-electric power
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informed about the latest trends
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High Energy Physics
high-explosive plastic
High-egg-passage (virus)
Habitability Enforcement Plan
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People's Labour Party
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hepatoma cell line