Definitions for "Heaven and Hell"
Keywords:  hell, ronnie, dio, sabbath, album
represent the extreme locations on the scale of good and evil just like Amber and Chaos represent the extreme locations of law and chaos. In most of my games Heaven and Hell occupy different "energy continua" than the "normal" realms that World-Jumpers travel in (but are still a part of the continuum). It requires a greater than infinite amount of (mortal) energy to reach Heaven from the mortal realms. The same holds true for demonic energy reaching the mortal realms from Hell. However, this barrier disappears when worked the opposite direction. Mortal energy may reach easily into hell, and Heavenly energy may reach easily into the mortal realms. In general, the inhabitants of Heaven don't seem interested in doing this, but many mortals do it deliberately or accidentally. While travel to Hell is possible, even easy, it is an extremely hostile realm. You may also end up there permanently if you haven't made arrangement to "anchor" yourself in the mortal realm.
Heaven and Hell, released in 1975, is the second solo album by Greek electronic composer and artist Vangelis. It got worldwide recognition through the use of "Movement 3" as the theme for the television documentary series .
Heaven and Hell is an album by Black Sabbath, released in May 1980. This was the first album after the removal of singer Ozzy Osbourne from the band and was the first album featuring Ronnie James Dio as his replacement, who brought his own unique style of song writing and vocalisation to the band. With the changing of singers, a change in songwriting approaches, and the sound crafting skills of famous heavy metal producer Martin Birch, the band altered their trademark drudge rock to a faster and slicker sound.