Definitions for "HEADS"
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Same as foreshots.
Also known as foreshots.
See Foreshots.
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The first 15 feet of the lane beyond the foul line.
The first 16 feet of the lane in front of the foul line. In wood lanes, the heads are often made out of hard maple, in order to absorb the impact of the bowling ball.
That part of the first portion of the lane that is usually hard maple (wood lanes) to absorb the impact of the thrown balls. See"dovetails", "splice" and "pines" also; generally the first 20 feet of the wood lane.
The early portion of the distillation, containing volatile compounds unsuitable for whisky.
Heads is the very first runnings of the still (vs. feints / tails) and undesirale distillate containing compounds even more volastile than alcohol. They are not suitable for whisky and must be re-distilled.
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The components in a tape deck that are sensitive to the magnetic signals on a tape enabling them to read from or record to the tape.
The Lavatory. The name, reputably, comes from the olden days when there were no sanitary facilities aboard a ship, and people hung out over the side. In case there was anyone on a deck below sticking their head out through an opening, it was customary to shout “Heads”.
The parts of an audio or video tape recorder that lay down or pick up the magnetic signal on the tape.
The obverse side of a coin - derived from the fact that this side of the coin usually depicts a portrait of the bust of the monarch or head of state.
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Roman emperors
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a very pleasant spot, where the Nambucca River meets the ocean
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The flat ends of a barrel or vat. The pieces of wood forming the heads are called head pieces or head staves.
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another name for the game, "Beheading the enemy"
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Slang term for soldiers who smoke marijuana
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Up A pot that is being contested by only two players - "It was heads up by the turn."
In ore dressing, the feed material to a concentrating system is called the heads.