Definitions for "HAYASHI"
(Chujiro Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Hayashi) - Dr. Chujiro Hayashi was made a Reiki Master in 1925 and was a student of Usui. Dr. Hayashi was a retired officer from the Japanese Navy. He opened a Reiki clinic, which was more along the lines of a medical model. Dr. Hayashi made some modifications in the system including a heavier emphasis on the symbols and Attunements, and most likely developed the 12 standard hand positions from in use in the west today. These hand positions allowed Reiki to be given by several practitioners at once. This group healing technique was used in his clinic. He was the teacher of Hawayo Takata.
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Ensemble of three drums (o-tsuzumi, ko, tsuzumi, taiko) and flute originally used in the noh theatre
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