Definitions for "HAHA"
a boundary barrier that does not block the view
a boundary to a garden or park, usually a buried wall or shallow ditch designed not to be seen until closely approached
a concealed ditch and wall designed to allow landowners to look out across rolling vistas without getting cattle and inconvenient poor people wandering across the lawns
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Haha (born Ha Dong Hoon (Hangul: 하동훈) on August 20, 1979) is a South Korean entertainer. He first debuted in 2001 with a hip hop group named Jikiri, although the group was not very popular. His fame grew when he began to imitate Kim Jong Kook on the popular variety show X-Man, on which he has become (and still is) a series regular.
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Laughter duh
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A Gandharva singer
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Giggling, usually expressed to a player that got lucky.
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