Definitions for "Haemorrhage"
Loss of blood from a blood vessel. In external haemorrhage, blood escapes from the body. In internal haemorrhage, blood passes into the tissues surrounding the ruptured blood vessel.
Bleeding (usually denotes severe or internal bleeding).
Continuous loss of blood from a wound or lesion which results from the breaking of veins or arteries.
Haemorrhage was formed in 1990, then known as Devourment, by Jose and Luisma, with the first line-up being Jose on bass and vocals, Luisma on guitars, and Emilio on drums, though this only lasted until the summer of '91, when Emilio left the band. In 1992, the group reformed and released their first demo, Grotesque Embryopathology, as Haemorrhage. Grotesque Embryopathology featured Luisma as guitarist, Jose as drummer, and both as vocalists.