Definitions for "grooming"
Keywords:  fur, brush, comb, mane, dirt
The activity of cleaning oneself or others by removing lice, ticks, dirt, etc. from the fur; -- of animals.
consolidating or segregating traffic for efficiency
the picking through fur to remove dirt and parasites. social grooming is a common affiliative behavior in primates.
Keywords:  ski, basher, pistes, snow, jargon
Snow removal, packing, and preparation of the runs for skiing.
(Jargon Rating= 2) Piste Basher goes up and down most pistes each night and flattens out the snow to give a smooth surface to ski or board on the next morning.
Preparing a person for a position requiring skilled behavior, especially by providing opposrtunity for practise and guidance in making the right decisions; as, to provide grooming for one's successor as president.
activity leading to skilled behavior
A term often used to refer to the preparatory stages when selling a business as the owner gets their business in order. This includes allaying any legal, financial and intellectual property concerns.
The activity of getting dressed, washed and generally of neat appearance.
the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
The process of selectively removing channels from a digital facility for routing to a designated remote location via another digital facility. Grooming basically allows you to drop and add payload flexibly.
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care of the body