Definitions for "Gradebook"
Faculty employ the Electronic Gradebook, so that students can access a range of new services, including online review of grades, academic progress, messages from their professors and other information that is viewable 24 hours a day over the Internet from their individual MyUCLA page.
a place to record and calculate grades--many teachers use Excel for this now--and allowing the student to check that grade is a nice feature of the LMS
The Gradebook posts all Student grades associated with Tests and Assignments. The Gradebook also accommodates scores for essay questions and grades for work completed outside of the Blackboard Learning System . Instructors may view the results of Surveys through the Spreadsheet. Assessments and Assignments that are made available through a Content Area are viewed and graded in the Gradebook. The Gradebook enables Instructors to manage all aspects of Student grades, including: Gradebook display settings and options grade weighting grade downloads and uploads