Definitions for "GPR"
"G"round "P"enetrating "R"adar is a geophysical electromagnetic technique that can be used to define planar shallow dipping bodies/horizons such as depressions in lake bottoms and fracture systems commonly associated with kimberlite bodies. Radar frequency pulses transmitted into the ground are reflected by material of differing electrical properties providing depth sections that appear similar to seismic sections.
Ground Penetrating Radar
Good Partial Remission The tumour bulk is reduced by at least 75%.
Gratuitous Probe Response - To detect the presence of a WLAN, dual mode phones that support cellular and WLAN modes of operation consume significant battery power due to the amount of time the phone must wait passively while listening for beacons on each channel. Because beacon intervals are typically on the order of hundreds of milliseconds, these scans require that the phone's receiver is enabled for at least a typical beacon interval on each channel. The Gratuitous Probe Response feature helps to conserve battery power by providing a high rate packet on the order of 10ms. The GPR packet is transmitted from the AP at a predefined time interval (at intervals between 10 and 50ms).
General Purpose Register (IBM)
General Purpose Register. Also known as a General Register (GR). 370-architecture machines have 16 GPRs each of 32 bits. ESA augments the GPRs with a set of Access Registers.
General Purpose Revenues
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Global Postural Reeducation
Your semester grade-point ratio (called grade-point average at some colleges) reflects your weighted average of all courses taken in a given semester or summer term. Your cumulative GPR is a weighted average of all courses taken while at Clemson.
Google Page Rank. Google ranks websites in their directory using a measure referred to as GPR. For more information on the Google PageRank Algorithm, click here.
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Gas Procurement Report
Very high speed storage area for 32-bit fixed point data connected to the arithmetic and logical units.
Government Performance Review