Definitions for "GPC"
giant papillary conjunctivitis. inflammation of the conjunctiva, most commonly associated with soft contact lens wear and marked by the presence of giant bumps or papillae (greater than 1 millimeter in diameter) on the posterior surface of the upper eyelids, as well as redness, itching, burning, mucous discharge, and blurred vision; may be related to irritation due to excess protein build-up on the lenses and/or to chemicals (such as preservatives) in the cleaning and sterilization solutions used to care for the lenses; treatment consists of decreasing (or even ceasing) contact lens wear, more frequent enzymatic cleaning of lenses (to remove protein deposits), discontinuance of preserved solutions, storage in unpreserved saline solutions, sterilization by hydrogen peroxide, and possibly obtaining new contact lenses
Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) presents as multiple large, white bumps on the inside of the upper eyelids. These bumps then rub against the upper edge of the contact lens, causing significant irritation
GIANT PAPILLARY CONJUNCTIVITIS. A condition from contact lens wear in which spongy bumps form under the upper lids. Due to allergies from contact lens deposits. Disposable lenses improve this situation.
gel permeation chromatography; measures molecular weight and properties. (a.k.a. size exclusion chromatography (SEC)).
Gel permeation chromatography. See GFC.
Government Procurement Card. A commercial payment card available to all GDAs. Embedded or ‘virtual' GPC refers to the uses of a GPC account number within an eProcurement System
Government Price Concession Vehicle discounts relating to government bids
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Glow Plug Control Output; The PCM energizes the glow plug relay for 10 to 120 seconds depending on EOT and BARO. PID: GPC (time)
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roup olicy ontainer - Microsoft
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Global Product Classification
Global Private Client. Global Private Client (GPC), the largest business of its kind in the world, provides investment, insurance, banking and retirement services for individuals and businesses.
An EAN.UCC System standard for the classification of products. GPC is a 'flat' classification system based on bricks, attributes and values. GPC is a mandatory element of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).
Gold Potassium Cyanide - the major source of electrolytic gold plating destined for the decorative industry.
Groupe des Pathologistes des Centres
This will provide general computer functions for the shuttle.
Abbreviation for gas-to-particle conversion.
Graphics Performance Characterization
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Grant Per Connection
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General Purpose Computer