Definitions for "Goldie"
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Goldie is a 1931 film about a woman named Goldie (Jean Harlow) pursued by two sailors, Bill (Spencer Tracy) and Spike (Warren Hymer). The movie was written by Paul Perez and Gene Towne, and directed by Benjamin Stoloff.
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Goldie is a character in Neil Gaiman's popular The Sandman comic book series.
Goldie was a female golden retriever dog who appeared on the children's television series Blue Peter from 1978 to 1986. She was owned by presenter Simon Groom. She made her first appearance on the show as a puppy and was named after viewers of Blue Peter.
Clifford Price, better known as Goldie (born September, 1965 in Wolverhampton) is a British electronic music artist, disc jockey, and actor. As a musician he works mainly within the jungle and drum and bass genres, and has helped to promote these styles globally. As an actor he continues to develop his skills both on the big screen and on TV.
Keywords:  goldstrike, diablo, alt, bow, slang slang for the Goldstrike unique bow
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The European goldfinch.
A warrior with gold armor (Level 85+) Term Explanation
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The yellow-hammer.