Definitions for "gold standard"
A monetary system that backs its currency with a reserve of gold, and allows...
A form of monetary system which existed at various times up until 1971. The basis for the system is one where a country's currency is backed up by physical bullion and where the notes and coins of a country can be exchanged for the underlying metal.
A country is said to be on the gold standard when the central bank is obliged to give gold in exchange for any of its currency presented to it.
An independent criterion that can validate the presence or absence of a disordered state.
No longer relevant in the realm of high finance from whence it originated, this term gained new life when it was decided that it should refer to a reference standard for evaluation of a diagnostic test. For the purposes of a study, the "gold standard" test is assumed to have 100% sensitivity and specificity. This may well constitute an exaggerated estimate of the reference test. Choice of the "gold standard" must therefore be evaluated in appraising a diagnosis study. Back t o Top
a paragon of excellence; "academic education is the gold standard against which other educational activity is pejoratively judged"
A method, procedure, or measurement that is widely accepted as being the best available. ( Diagnosis)