Definitions for "GMR"
Giant Magneto- Resistance
Giant Magneto-Resistive
Giant Magnetoresistive technology uses various thin film layers to produce a greater change in resistance and is even more sensistive than standard magnetoresistive technology. See also Magnetoresistive.
In cryptography, GMR is a digital signature algorithm named after its inventors Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali and Ron Rivest.
GMR was a monthly magazine on video games that was published out by Ziff-Davis—the publisher of such magazines as PC Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Computer Gaming World (now Games for Windows: The Official Magazine). GMR was launched in February 2003, being sold in only the Electronics Boutique (EB) chain of video game stores. The magazine was fairly unique among multiconsole magazines in that it covered PC as well as console games, as well as its minimalistic cover art, and, in its last few months, its shift in focus toward promotion of less mainstream titles.
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German Mercedes Racing
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Greater Metropolitan Region
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Ground Mapping Radar