Definitions for "GMA"
Growth Management Act. A 1990 Washington State law, amended in 1991, designed to address the negative consequences of unprecedented population growth and suburban sprawl in Washington. The GMA requires all cities and counties in the State to do some planning and has more extensive requirements for the largest and fast-growing counties and cities in the State. Its requirements include guaranteeing consistency between the transportation, capital facilities and land use plans.
Growth Management Act (WA)
Growth Management Act. A Washington State law enacted in 1990 in response to rapid population growth and concerns with suburban sprawl, environmental protection, and quality of life. The GMA provides a framework for regional coordination, and counties planning under the GMA are required to adopt county-wide planning policies to guide plan adoption within the county and to establish urban growth areas (UGAs). Local comprehensive plans must include the elements concerng land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, transportation, and, for counties, a rural element. Shoreline master program policies are also an element of local comprehensive plans.
Grocery Manufacturers of America.
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Gospel Music Association
Term associated with main specification of pallet used in the USA, also known as 50 x 48 inch partial four way.
The ill-fated Grandmasters Association (GMA) under Kok’s chairmanship showed how Chess should be organised with a professional circuit that hosted the memorable World Cup series under the tournament directorship of Lubos Kavalek. and Grid Monitoring Architecture. By the Grid Performance Working Group. There are several research groups that are developing Grid Monitoring Systems to monitor and manage distributed computing components. This is critical to determine the source of performance problems, to tune the system and application for better performance, to determins if a server is down, and to determine whether to restart a server and to determine whether to redirect service requests elsewhere. GMA is targeted at helping these groups and their systems interoperate. $ Grid Performance Working Group A Working Group focused on defining standards and best practices for the gathering, representation, storage, distribution, and query of performance information about Grid resources and applications. A Working Group in the Global Grid Forum.
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Guangdong Museum of Art
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Groundwater Management Area