Definitions for "Gingko"
Keywords:  maidenhair, biloba, ginkgo, fan, china
A tree native to China, the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes. Anticoagulant activity, free radical scavanger, increases blood flow.
A tree native to China. Substances taken from the leaves and seeds have been used in some cultures to treat certain medical problems. Ginkgo has been studied in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimerâ€(tm)s disease, dementia, certain blood vessel diseases, and memory loss. It may cause bleeding or high blood pressure when used with certain drugs. Also called ginkgo biloba and maidenhair tree.
tree with fan-shaped leaves and yellow flowers (Chinese, "silver apricot"). This plant is also associated with human memory, imagination and concentration.
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Kenchoe leaf Daun Kenchoe picture zingiberaceae Kaempfera galanga Keluak, Black nuts from Indonesia Buah Keluak picture Pangium edule Leaf of the Kaffir or Leprous Lime Limau Perut picture rutaceae Citrus hystrix Lemon grass Serai picture gramineae Cymbopogon citratus Musk Limes Limau Kesturi picture
high flavinoid and free radical scavenger content helps increase hair growth potential; balsam content lubricates and adds elasticity. Used in moisture benefits shampoo and moisture balancing conditioner.