Definitions for "Ghastly"
shockingly repellent; inspiring horror; "ghastly wounds"; "the grim aftermath of the bombing"; "the grim task of burying the victims"; "a grisly murder"; "gruesome evidence of human sacrifice"; "macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle ages"; "macabre tortures conceived by madmen"
gruesomely indicative of death or the dead; "a charnel smell came from the chest filled with dead men's bones"; "ghastly shrieks"; "the sepulchral darkness of the catacombs"
Keywords:  deathlike, pallid, dismal, ghost, pale
Like a ghost in appearance; deathlike; pale; pallid; dismal.
Horrible; shocking; dreadful; hideous.
Keywords:  hideously, manner
In a ghastly manner; hideously.