Definitions for "Gaylord"
Keywords:  salto, mitch, gymnast, giant, grasp
On high bar, a front giant into a one-and-one-half front salto over the bar to regrasp. First done by U.S. gymnast Mitch Gaylord.
A high bar move that consists of a front giant into a one-and-one half front salto over the bar, followed by a re-grasp. Named for U. S. gymnast Mitch Gaylord, who created it.
A move, named after US gymnast Mitch Gaylord, involving a front giant into a 1½ salto over the bar to grasp it again.
A heavy duty corrugated carton of pallet load proportions.
a large corrugated container matching the dimensions of a pallet or smaller (wooden) container. Gaylord is a tradename that has become accepted as generic.
A term used to designate a very large carton (i.e., 45”x 33”x 51”) that will fit one per pallet. There are various sizes depending on the pallet and the customer requirements.
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The 1955-57 models are milestone cars.