Definitions for "Gan"
Gallium Nitride – a III-V semiconductor compound. Picogiga has demonstrated the feasibility of growing AlGaN/GaN on epilayers on Si for advanced RF and radar applications. In combination with other epilayers, it is also very promising for LEDs.
A large fertile inhabited island several kilometres south of Hithadhoo in southwest Addu, Gan has excellent deepwater access. It was used as a military air/sea base by the British during World War 2, and 1957-1976.
(request) Giz A Neg, Not particularly accurate nowadays, however the expression remains in use when a snapper hasn't got a usable frame but another one has, happens every week at premiership football matches
Global Area Network. Network classification. LAN is Local Area Network, MAN is Metropolitan Area Network, WAN is wide Area Network.
Global Area Network. In our Wireless Information Integration Project, GAN is propagated with stratosphere-based airships that serve as wireless signal amplifiers.
Global Area Network, a global Inmarsat network consisting of satellites and land earth stations; permits data speeds up to 64 kbps.
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Abbreviation for allium itride.
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to begin [CED
Grant Anticipation Note
See:  NOTE – Grant anticipation notes.
Grant Award Notification
Gan (赣语) is one of the major divisions of spoken Chinese, concentrated in and typical of Jiangxi Province.
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Began; commenced.
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CFS Gandel Retail Trust