Definitions for "Gaiter"
Keywords:  instep, ankle, gore, shoe, overshoe
A covering of cloth or leather for the ankle and instep, or for the whole leg from the knee to the instep, fitting down upon the shoe.
A kind of shoe, consisting of cloth, and covering the ankle.
a water-repellent, internal sleeve that can be tightened around boot and lower leg to keep out snow. Although a separate gaiter can be worn outside pants, many of our mountaineering, ski, and snowboard pants come with integrated gaiters.
Keywords:  gentlemen, scarf, wear, neck, lace
a small band of lace that keeps up women stockings - well, gentlemen wear them too, but not of lace, generally
a tube-type neck covering that you pull on over your head and wear instead of a scarf
Keywords:  dress
To dress with gaiters.