Definitions for "Frise"
(pronounced free-zay). Also written frieze. A pile fabric with uncut loops. The better quality is made with two sets of fillers to provide greater durability. Pat­ terns are produced by cutting some of the loops, by using yarns of different colors, or by printing the surface. As it is used chiefly for upholstery, it is made of wool, mohair, or heavy cotton. The name comes from the French frise, meaning "curled."
Frise was the French name of Friesland as a département of the First French Empire. Frise was formed in 1810, when the Kingdom of Holland was annexed by France. Its capital, then as now, was Leeuwarden.
Hard twice-cooked bread roll (often, like a split doughnut), first soaked in water, then dressed with tomatoes, oregano and extra-virgin olive oil - a delicious snack with a glass of wine.