Definitions for "Frap"
Keywords:  tackle, slack, draw, lightly, brace
To draw together; to bind with a view to secure and strengthen, as a vessel by passing cables around it; to tighten; as a tackle by drawing the lines together.
To brace by drawing together, as the cords of a drum.
To pass ropes round a sail to keep it from blowing loose. Also, to draw ropes round a vessel which is weakened, to keep her together.
Tiffany's preferred swear word (etymology: combination of English and crap)
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching
Keywords:  lashing, sail, secure
make secure by lashing; "frap a sail"
Getting killed in a skydiving accident. Also known as "buying the farm".
Keywords:  probes, benchmark, relay, frame, help
Frame Relay Access Probes help benchmark the performance of frame relay networks.