Definitions for "FRACTURING"
Often known as "fracing", involves pumping a fluid into the well at very high pressure to create cracks in the reservoir rock. Sand or other material may be used as the "proppant" to prop open the gaps created by fracing.
A well stimulation technique in which fluids are pumped into a formation under extremely high pressure to create or enlarge fractures for oil and gas to flow through. Proppants such as sand are injected with the liquid to hold the fractures open.
A process of opening up underground channels in hydrocarbon-bearing formations by force rather than by chemical action such as in acidizing. High pressure is hydraulically or explosively directed at the rock, causing it to fracture.
A term used when the electoral strength of a particular group is divided by a redistricting plan (also cracking). When members of a group are spread among as many districts as possible, they are not able to establish a majority in any one district and elect a representative of their group.
Drawing district lines so that the minority population is broken up. Members of the minority are spread among as many districts as possible, keeping them a minority in every district, rather than permitting them to concentrate their strength enough to elect representatives in some districts. Also known as "cracking."
Deformation process whereby ice is permanently deformed, and fracture occurs.