Definitions for "Forensics"
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The use of DNA for identification.
The intersection of medicine, especially psychiatry, and the law. Forensic patients of concern to the Department have psychiatric problems and are involved with either the criminal courts or the correctional system. Among these are prisoners who become mentally ill while serving sentence, persons found unable to stand trial because of mental illness or mental defect, and mentally ill or mentally defective persons who have been civilly committed but who are violent or dangerous and need treatment in a secure hospital setting.
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An argumentation on a certain subject
The application of analysis techniques and computer investigation with the purpose of locating potential legal evidence.
to apply a scientific or methodical approach to an analysis or investigation. For example, a Forensic Computer Examination refers to the systematic examination of a computer for desired clues or data and a Forensic Document Examination is the methodical approach used to determine a document's identity, age, authenticity, origin, etc.
The application of scientific knowledge to the detection of crime
A general term sometimes used by a therapist hired to evaluate a family. The therapists will state in court which parent they feel should have custody of the child. This is known as a Custody Evaluation.
In document management terms, forensic work is comprised of: Recreating “deleted” or missing files from hard drives Validating dates and logged in authors / editors of documents Certifying key elements of documents and/or hardware for legal purposes