Definitions for "FOMA"
Keywords:  docomo, ntt, wcdma, freedom, multimedia
A mobile telephone service introduced in Japan in 2002 by NTT’s DoCoMo called Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access. FOMA allows for the transmission of still video as well as motion video, using the new third-generation mobile telephone transmission service commonly called 3G. The new FOMA phones even allow for the transmission of near-CD quality music over mobile telephones. NTT is running trials of two-way interactive videoconferencing over the new 3G FOMA mobile telephones.
(Freedom Of Mobile multimedia Access) the name of NTT DoCoMo's WCDMA service.
Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access, DoCoMo's brand name for 3G services, based on the W-CDMA format. Introductory FOMA services for a limited number of users is to begin at the end of May, with full commercial services due in October.
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