Definitions for "Flats"
footwear (shoes or slippers) with no heel (or a flat heel)
Footwear specially designed for training or indoor use. No cleats or studs are present. Law 4
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Dice that have been slightly shaven to increase the chance of some numbers occurring more frequently than others.
Crooked dice which have been shaved to favor certain numbers.
Large wooden frames covered with canvas or plywood - part of the scenery
Flats, short for Scenery Flats, are flat pieces of theatrical scenery which are painted and positioned on stage so as to give the appearance of buildings or background.
shallow box-like trays designed to hold eight quart baskets or containers of certain fruits and vegetables, like strawberries.
Shallow, nearshore waters of the Atlantic and Gulf.
Post Office term for large envelopes in the mailstream.
Die cut blanks used to make layout or to show style of envelope.
The Postal Service uses the words "flats" and "nonletters" to refer to large envelopes, newsletters, and magazines. The words are interchangeable.
"Flats" are mail pieces that are larger than letter-size, meaning that they exceed a length of 11 1/2 inches, a height of 6 1/8 inches, or a thickness of 1/4 inch. Higher postage rates generally apply to flats. Back
Mail that exceeds the Postal Service's dimensions for letters (11-1/2 inches long, 6-1/8 inches high, 1/4 inch thick) but does not exceed the maximum dimension for the mail processing category (15 inches long, 12 inches high, 3/4 inch thick); dimensions for automation rate flats vary.
Mail that exceeds at least one of the dimensional regulations of letter-sized mail.
Matchcover factory stock that never contained matches or were never machine creased or stapled. Used primarily as salesman's samples, flats usually exhibited the best quality design and registration. Infrequently collected in the US and Canada, but more widely sought in overseas countries. (See Salesman's Samples).
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a brand new all-suites hotel in Hummelstown, PA -- just down the road from Hershey
Insurance for Blocks of Flats provides cover for the building, contents of communal parts, public and employers' liability and loss of revenue. Extensions are available for legal expenses and engineering insurance for lifts , boilers etc.
flatlands; usually created by a river and may be covered in either grass or bush.
Newspaper sized plexiglas sheets covered with ruled pages of lined cardboard on which the articles making up the next day's paper will be pasted.
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The flats are the flat water areas outside of the wake. "Landing in the flats" means the rider jumped off of the wake, cleared the other wake, and landed out in the flat water area.
The section of the water outside of the wakes where the water is flat. If a rider does a big trick where they land way outside the wake, they're doing a trick "out to the flats".
Painted steel subway cars with flat surfaces. (The preferred subway cars of old school writers. During the 1970s the IRT division was composed exclusively of flats)
part of town where the residential area is located
A self contained flat that has been converted out of part of a larger property, is known as a converted flat. A flat which has the freehold of the land on which it is built, is known as a freehold flat. A flat designed and built as such; a self contained residential unit contained within a larger structure containing several self contained units or flats all sharing a common entrance, is known as a purpose built flat a studio flat, is a flat comprising a single habitable room, plus bathroom and possibly separate kitchen. Many lenders will not lend on these properties as they are considered more difficult to resell.
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See Alluvial.
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see blades
Places along the trace of a compulsory figure where both edges of the blade were in contact with the ice.
A term used in grading rough diamonds, applied to diamond crystals of irregular shape with flat parallel sides like pieces of broken glass.
An accidental that lowers a given pitch by one half-step. See also key signature.
This type of apartment or condominium occupies an entire floor of a building. For example, a two-flat is a two-story building with one unit per floor.
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Horizontal vein working.
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Platforms used to store products.