Definitions for "Flanker"
Either of the two forwards wearing No. 6 or No. 7. Also called wing forwards or breakaways they bind to the scrum outside of the locks just behind the outside hip of the props. They can play always on the same side of the scrum or can specialize on either the weakside or strongside. The players with the fewest set responsibilities, their job is to aggressively pursue the ball, gain possession, and take off running. Also known as Breakaway Forward.
One of two forwards, who usually wear No. 6 and 7. The flanker binds on the outside of the scrum. Also known as wing forward or breakaway.
see Breakaways above.
a back stationed wide of the scrimmage line; used as a pass receiver
a player position on offense. A wide receiver who lines up 1 or more yards off the line of scrimmage outside of another receiver. The term is used infrequently in American Football, having been long since replaced by the wide receiver or wideout, with no distinction between whether the receiver is on the line or not.
An offensive player on the right or left side of the formation. A flanker usually plays as a receiver and is split out wider than a wingback.
One who, or that which, flanks, as a skirmisher or a body of troops sent out upon the flanks of an army toguard a line of march, or a fort projecting so as to command the side of an assailing body.
The upright stones on either side of the recumbent stone.
To defend by lateral fortifications.
A window or door attached to another window or door at the side. Usually found in Bay windows. They can be either Casement windows or Double Hungs when using windows in this manner.
A former term used to describe a side or lateral part. Also previously used to describe a 3-wide picture unit or bay. See two-wide entry.
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At branding time, two flankers would catch a calf, throw it to the ground, and hold it.
a fragrance that capitalizes on the success of a master brand. For instance, J Lo Glow was followed by the flanker scents Miami Glow and Love at First Glow. Many flankers are released as limited editions. Some flanker scents are variations on the original fragrance (e.g. they might share certain notes), others share nothing more than the name.
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To attack sideways.
a soldier who is a member of a detachment assigned to guard the flanks of a military formation
A manufacturer's product modification for an established product., e.g., blue M&Ms.