Definitions for "First Down"
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A play on which the player in question gained a first down. Also, whenever the offense scores on a play from scrimmage without losing possession to the defensive team and regaining possesssion after a defensive fumble or interception, there is a first down credited.
The offense has 4 tries to gain at least 10 yards before needing to punt. After 10 yards or more are gained, the offense has made a first down.
In 11-person football, a first down is achieved when the offensive team advances the ball at least ten yards within four downs. If they do this they are awarded a first down (a new series of four downs), retain possession of the ball and another chance to score. In GRFL play (given that the teams are playing on a “full-field” as outline in the GRFL Rulebook- see Coaches' Tips section for the rulebook), a first down is achieved if the offensive team advances the ball beyond the half-field marker within the first series of downs.
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