Definitions for "Filtered"
Filtered photocontrols use a filtered window to detect sensitivity to infrared. Con to filtered window: Filter does not capture ambient infrared, only what comes through the window. Over time, UV fades the filter causing inadequate accuracy. Drift results. Ripley's IRES does not filter infrared, it totally cancels/eliminates infrared.
Keywords:  poset, notion, dual, subset, empty
non-empty subset of a poset is called filtered, if, for all elements and of , there is an element of such that ≤ and ≤ . The dual notion is called directed.
Said of data or functions that are loaded into the memory of a smart card. Masked data and functions, by comparison, are hardwired into the card's chip.
An effect created by temporarily removing high or low frequencies.
Process of removing impurities or solids from a liquid.
Wines that have had suspended particulates resulting from the fermentation process removed. Important for future clarity and stability of a wine.
Log entries which are not included in the report either because they match an entry on the Filter configuration page or because their date was outside the range specified on the Time Units configuration page.