Definitions for "Falstaff"
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Sir John Falstaff, a celebrated character in Shakespeare's historical play " Henry IV." (1st and 2d parts), and also in " The Merry Wives of Windsor." He is a very fat, sensual, and witty old knight; a swindler, drunkard, and good-tempered liar; and something of a coward. Falstaff was originally called Sir John Oldcastle. The first actor of the part was John Heminge.
a dissolute character in Shakespeare's plays
Sir John Falstaff is a fictional character who appears in three plays by William Shakespeare as a companion to Prince Hal, the future King Henry V. A fat, vainglorious, and cowardly knight, Falstaff leads the apparently wayward Prince Hal into trouble, but he is ultimately repudiated after Hal becomes king.
Falstaff – Symphonic Study in C minor Op.68 is an orchestral piece by the English composer Edward Elgar.
Falstaff is the name of a British hypersonic research rocket. The Falstaff was 5.3 m long and had a diameter of 92 cm. It weighed 5.09 tonnes of which 4.34 tonnes was solid propellant.
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